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Creation of fast, secure and reliable internet access, intelligently tailored to your goals and your internet conditions - and always a real support person to consult.

When one-size-fits-all doesn’t fit you

When your requirements don’t lend themselves to a generalised solution, you need a specialist one. One that works.. 

Large suppliers are excellent for one-size-fits-all services, but if you have a difficult or unusual situation you need a company that enjoys getting its hands dirty to find the right solution for you.

A quick look at our Case Studies will show you very dirty hands indeed.

Creative solutions in a complex world

It is in the more complex and demanding cases that we get to demonstrate our true value to our clients. This case study shows the creativity often required in creating IT networks and internet access that perform to both your current and future business needs.

Pricing to fit you and your business

Whether you’re a business owner working from home or a multi-site corporation, I.T. is a significant part of your costs.  3RNet understand this and always looks for ways to help, such as offering a 1-month minimum contract for new ADSL clients, or replacing expensive SDSL with bonded ADSL.

We will never be the cheapest (though we are certainly not the most expensive) but you will have our full attention and we will be accessible: you will never have to ‘Press 1 for Fault Reporting'.

All pricing is for unlimited internet usage, and there are no data limits. All internet line provision is subject to reasonable usage.

Although we follow standard guide pricing, we don't put these on the website because of the rate at which technology changes in the industry. We are, however, very happy to provide the latest prices on enquiry.

Internet access you can rely on

If, like most people, you rely on the internet for your business activity and communication, it comes as a serious shock when it fails. 3RNet have many ways in which to ensure that your internet is there when you need it:

  • Pre-sales research – 3RNet always examine all aspects of your business needs, site setup and internet situation before advising on a solution.  Experience of being hired to resolve problems caused by incomplete thinking has shown us the vital importance of asking the right questions at the start.
  • Fast and personal service – as big business gets increasingly remote from its customers, 3RNet remains convinced that service is about direct communication with those who will be working with you. More on this critical topic below.
  • Low contention rates - no matter what your nominal speed, if your line is too crowded, your internet access will be noticeably slowed - and possibly fail completely.
  • Bonded ADSL - although intended as method for increasing upload and download speeds, it also has the added advantage of building in a natural resilience: if one line should fail, it can be repaired while the others remain active.

Extra bandwidth, faster uploading through Bonded ADSL

You can have as much bandwidth as you need simply by combining ADSL lines into a single virtual connection (unlike load-balancing, where the lines continue to behave as separate entities).

Here are some of the benefits of using Bonded ADSL:

  • You can bond up to 8 lines of 8MB, giving you 64MB down-traffic bandwidth
  • We also bond the up-traffic lines, unlike most suppliers: this means that large files (i.e. those files which are larger than one individual line) can be sent far faster than if multiple lines were only load-balanced.  Bonding 4 x 800k lines would provide 6.4MB of up-traffic bandwidth.This is good news for big business, media companies or publishing – anyone who needs to upload data in large volumes
  • It can overcome distance limitations (i.e. when your speeds are low because you are too far from the exchange)
  • It enables a 99.9% SLA, because if one of the bonded lines should fail, the others can continue to function while the failing one is repaired
  • It is flexible: you can bond more lines as your business needs grow
  • It is frequently a cheaper option: 2 ADSL lines can cost less per month than 1 SDSL line.

Direct personal contact with engineers

What is your experience of getting support from the big suppliers? 

  • Phone calls every hour for days and weeks to people who ask you the exact same questions over and over again?
  • Being transferred a dozen times between departments until (with astonishing luck) we find someone who will actually take responsibility for the issue?
  • Talking to different helpdesk personnel each time, none of whom really understand the situation but who will pass messages to the engineers?
  • The corporation’s favourite business fire wall “Press 1 to be ignored…”?

3RNet know that communication is supposed to be about the customer’s needs, not the corporation’s convenience.  This is why you will always be talking to the specialist who will be working on your case and who knows your site and kit. Mass-market processing may be the best way to manufacture products, but when it comes to service you want to know they’ve remembered you’re an individual.

At 3RNet, one person takes ownership for your case from the start, so you know who you are talking to, and you also know that they know everything they need to know about the case for a speedy resolution.  As far as possible they’ll be the specialist who knows your site best.

Contact us now for a no-obligation chat about your situation and how we might help!